About us

"2 minds are better than 1 and 3 minds are even better".

“Two minds are better than one and three minds combined together can revolutionize the idea and make it brilliant”. So our company started with just three highly motivated individuals. We could have listed our products on a number of other sites but we wanted to own our own brand and build relationships with our customers and provide the best service as our company can provide and sell our paintings, portraits in various style such as pencil on paper, dry brush technique, etc., handmade craft work such as decorative pillows and blankets and well as bed sheets, embroidery art with using silk and dms lines to ensure of only high quality. We focus on making art for everyone but we cannot accommodate everyone’s taste at the moment but we will look more into it and with more comments we can hire other artists that will accommodate our customers’ wishes. What makes us unique to others is the quality of our products, originality of our view of art and every single piece of artwork make exclusively for you to emphasize your individuality and impressive taste. The work provided and offered on Artindahouse.com is pretty unique and made exclusively by professional artists from all over the world. Each artist had at least 12 years in both schooling and free work in order to find him/herself in the broad field of artwork and subspecialize to create only high quality work and provide it exclusively to us. Our company only works with skilled, talented and well-experienced artists all around the world and providing only the best we could find for our customers. Lastly most of our work is available to purchase but there is a good chunk of work is only available for order. Please do not hesitate to email your inquiries and our assistants will get back to you within 24-48 hours as the volume of orders increasing every day. Our company work on first come first served basis as we do not discriminate and value every single customer regardless what they order from us. "A good reference and a word of mouth worth a lot these days"

Thank you for choosing ARTINDAHOUSE and we appreciate your trust and looking forward to do business with you...