Old Bukhara city

Sansyz, Old Bukhara city, Oil

  • Product Code: wq194i
  • Author: Sansyz
  • Method: Oil
  • Pad: Canvas
  • Width: 39.37 inches
  • Height: 23.62 inches
  • USD $


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Exclusive piece of artwork presented by an artist to ARTINDAHOUSE. The canvas shows the landscape of the old city of Bukhara, located in Uzbekistan. This ancient Asian city keeps the legacy of the past, the architecture of the Middle Ages characterized by a combination of ancient Eastern and Muslim styles. The peculiar flavor of sunny Bukhara is embodied by the artist in the abstract composition with clear forms. The varied color palette is made up mostly of warm colors and a gray sky background. Moreover urban view comes to the front of the artwork. Mosaic inflicted strokes emphasize architectural rectangular shape and give the work an unforgettable artistic expression.