Sansyz, Sulaiman-Too, Oil

  • Product Code: wq196i
  • Author: Sansyz
  • Method: Oil
  • Pad: Canvas
  • Width: 35.43 inches
  • Height: 31.5 inches
  • USD $


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Exclusive piece of artwork presented by an artist to ARTINDAHOUSE. Sulaiman-Too - one of the beautiful mountains of southern Kyrgyzstan, is considered sacred by the people. As a monument of antiquity, she entered the UNESCO list of cultural property. This mountain is the protagonist of the picture and assemble it in the center of the artwork. The artist wrote it generalized, broad strokes in gray clay color in general tone of colors for ocher. Accent colors are the rich green of the city of Osh, located around the mountain. The image of the city passed in a cubic style that contrasts with the realistic depiction of the mountain. Thus, there is a combination of static and dynamics in the composition.