Sansyz, Khiva, Oil

  • Product Code: wq198i
  • Author: Sansyz
  • Method: Oil
  • Pad: Canvas
  • Width: 43.31 inches
  • Height: 27.56 inches
  • USD $


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Exclusive piece of artwork presented by an artist to ARTINDAHOUSE. The painting depicts one of the oldest streets of the ancient city of Khiva, located on the territory of modern Uzbekistan. The artwork describes the architectural landscape of Asian cities with high mud walls, towers and domes. Another feeling this composition emphasize is there is the bright sunlight of a hot day and people in Muslim garb walking down the street in the shadow of the walls. The realistic portrayal enhances the natural ocher colors. Only a few patches of blue, red, dark colors provide an addition and enrich composition as a whole.