Exclusive piece of artwork presented by an artist to ARTINDAHOUSE. Artwork "nursing mother" refers to realistic painting. It embodied the theme of motherhood. The composition shows the image of a young mother at the time of nursing. This is a "Madonna and Child with the Kyrgyz" sitting under a tree on the background of landscape scenery. The richness of color combinations forms a warm color and this in turn favors the full unfolding of the plot, reports motherly love and tenderness. This composition embodies the harmony between mother and child, between man and nature.


This is a sample of the portrait that can be ordered from a photo you choose. Our artists can represent you at work or how you like or wherever your imagination will bring you.... Just add your comments for the artist to know...


grandmother. This is a sample portrait that can be ordered from a photo or picture you choose. The artist can make you look real to the best abilities. Also add your wishes in the descriptions so artist would be able to accommodate and make something just for you...


grandmother. This is another sample that can be done by our artists for you. We also can do a custom work for any gatherings such as weddings, Christmas, Birthdays etc. Just email us of what you think and let us tell you that we will make it happen if it will be in our power to do so...


This is a sample of how your custom portrait may look like if you purchase it. This is simple portrait done from a photo and without background adding to it.