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Exclusive piece of artwork presented by an artist to ARTINDAHOUSE. The canvas shows the landscape of the old city of Bukhara, located in Uzbekistan. This ancient Asian city keeps the legacy of the past, the architecture of the Middle Ages characterized by a combination of ancient Eastern and Muslim styles. The peculiar flavor of sunny Bukhara is embodied by the artist in the abstract composition with clear forms. The varied color palette is made up mostly of warm colors and a gray sky background. Moreover urban view comes to the front of the artwork. Mosaic inflicted strokes emphasize architectural rectangular shape and give the work an unforgettable artistic expression.


Exclusive piece of artwork presented by an artist to ARTINDAHOUSE. The canvas is embodied one of the corners of the ancient city of Kashgar. The daily life of citizens described in the generalized, abstract forms. The composition draws attention to two groups of trees, around which the human figures presented. The brightness of two trees, painted in contrasting tones of pink, blue and brown on a background of muted ocher-gray urban landscape. This creates a kind of game of color combinations and passes oriental flavor. The theme is revealed with the help of the geometrical forms which accompanies the basis of a picturesque structure of the painting.


Exclusive piece of artwork presented by an artist to ARTINDAHOUSE. Sulaiman-Too - one of the beautiful mountains of southern Kyrgyzstan, is considered sacred by the people. As a monument of antiquity, she entered the UNESCO list of cultural property. This mountain is the protagonist of the picture and assemble it in the center of the artwork. The artist wrote it generalized, broad strokes in gray clay color in general tone of colors for ocher. Accent colors are the rich green of the city of Osh, located around the mountain. The image of the city passed in a cubic style that contrasts with the realistic depiction of the mountain. Thus, there is a combination of static and dynamics in the composition.


Exclusive piece of artwork presented by an artist to ARTINDAHOUSE. This is an abstract composition; the basis of artistic conception which is the transfer of the morning of the environment in geometric shapes. Rural motif with fashion house, household items is displayed as a square, rectangular shapes. They successfully combined in shape and color, which creates a single strand of compositional elements. All this gives the harmony, wholeness and completeness to the artwork. The picture is painted in a cool color scheme that combines shades of blue and light blue, light green and gray tones.


Exclusive piece of artwork presented by an artist to ARTINDAHOUSE. The painting depicts one of the oldest streets of the ancient city of Khiva, located on the territory of modern Uzbekistan. The artwork describes the architectural landscape of Asian cities with high mud walls, towers and domes. Another feeling this composition emphasize is there is the bright sunlight of a hot day and people in Muslim garb walking down the street in the shadow of the walls. The realistic portrayal enhances the natural ocher colors. Only a few patches of blue, red, dark colors provide an addition and enrich composition as a whole.